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Supplier’s Review: Anton of TOE

Note: Highest rating is 5 stars

  • Customer Service: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
  • Value for Money: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
  • Over-all: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Anton… the emcee… came as part of the OTD package we got from TOE. We only met him the weekend before our wedding day. Yep, it was that tight! But despite meeting him only once, we had such a blast and we ended up laughing our heads off the whole time!

During our previous meetings with Kath I never asked her on who our emcee is. It’s not that I don’t care on who we get, it’s just that it wasn’t a big deal for us. All we knew was that they’ll be providing us with the emcee and we were fine with that. I only requested to meet our emcee during our last meeting with her just so we’d be familiar with him/her before our wedding.

We instantly felt comfortable around him, he was funny and sobrang bakla (super gay) in his comments/reactions! Really it was such a laugh trip and if laughter was his way of making his clients comfortable then he was doing it right.

Aside from emcee duties, he was still a part of the coord team so he was there to assist us during the bridal preps itself. As a member of the team he was efficient and very respectful. Always saying excuse me before consulting something, specially when I was being photographed during HAMU time. He was the one who made the head count prior to buying lunch and he helped distribute the food too.

During the ceremony, he was one of those who parted the curtains. Prior to that, he gave me instructions on how to pose (head to one side) for that dramatic effect while the curtains are parting. I’m not sure where he was the whole time during the ceremony as I had my back to the audience (or whatever else we call those who attended the mass/ceremony with us).

Next time I saw him was during the retouch period at Sonya’s Garden. While the HAMU team was busy, he came inside the office and asked me to confirm the program flow. Good thing too since I realized I haven’t removed one of the speakers (a principal sponsor who wasn’t able to attend the reception cause he had to leave early). He admitted he was nervous and I even joked around with him a little. I told him that if he’s nervous and I’m nervous then maybe we should just go home and sleep already! 🙂

I have no problems with his emcee skills. As commented by some of our guests and that of the lady in-charge at Sonya’s, he was lively and that helped move the reception program along. He was very makulit (pesky but in a good way) and always asking us to kiss. Arggggg… as a couple we’re not really very PDA and kissing in front of a crowd is not really on top of our to-do list.

One funny thing was that he kept on getting my dad’s name wrong! Dad had to correct him a number of times and he’d still get it wrong… we were laughing about it so much! The thing is, I think he didn’t mean to make a mistake with his name… Anton speaks with an accent that, I guess, becomes more pronounced when he gets nervous… and my dad’s name does sound different if spoken with his accent.

He was flexible with the program flow, specifically during the time when the best man was missing for his speech and toast… good thing my guy best friend was the final speaker and I just asked Anton to talk with him and ask him to do the toast for us. Which my best friend promptly agreed to do… thanks bestie!!!

Another thing I noticed was that he was attentive to the cues I gave him. Those cues are the ones for the resumption of the program (after dinner) and the ending for each dance (father/daughter, mother/son, couple’s).

All in all, I have to say that I am more than satisfied not only with his emcee skills but also as a member of the coordinating team.

Side story… if you guys ever get to meet him, take note of how nice his facial skin is. It’s so smooth and a little bit rosy (despite his light brown skin color). It looks like he’s wearing makeup/foundation which he swears he doesn’t.

Thumbs up…

  • Professional in providing his services… from being a member of the coordinating team to being our emcee, he was very professional. He was courteous and efficient in performing his duties. He dressed properly for the night in slacks and blazer… it wasn’t flashy or formal but not too casual as well.
  • Lively and in control of the program the whole time… he was able to keep the program moving along swiftly. We wanted the reception to be finished by 8PM and he was able to help us achieve that goal.
  • Funny and easy to get along with… this was important for us if he was to be our emcee. We wanted to be comfortable with him so that our interactions with him during our reception will be natural. I’m not sure if he is 100% beki (gay) but if he’s not yet there… he is but one step away from being one. Still, he wasn’t the loud beki type (thank goodness for that cause we’re not big fans of loud bekis) and we just found his reactions very entertaining.

Thumbs down…

  • His accent… this didn’t really bother us since our reception had that relaxed atmosphere and it only added to his character. We even got to laugh about the way he said some words, like my dad’s name! This is just a heads up for those who are a bit particular on the diction of their emcee.

Damage on our pockets: included in the OTD package



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