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I Need a Haircut

It’s almost 5 months since I last had a haircut (currently sporting the long version of the one I got right after our wedding) and I’m dying to get a new one. ASAP!

This is my current hair length:

current length of my hair

current length of my hair

That’s so obviously not me in the picture but me and Emma seems to have the same hair type, or at least in this photo we do, sans the hair color cause mine is black.

I had this super super short, boy type, haircut after I graduated from high school:

same as the very short hair I got

same as the very short hair I got

I guess I was into that “rebellious/boyish phase” of my life back then and I thought getting a haircut this short was pretty punk of me. I remember liking it so much. Considering how unruly my wavy hair is, it felt like freedom!

Anyway, x-amount of years later, the pixie haircut is back and I’m getting the urge to once again try it. Note that I am now 30 lbs heavier (meaning my face have gotten a lot rounder than it used to be), I’m no teenager anymore (I’m a woman in my 30’s trying to make a career for myself), and having a family of my own is in my (very) near future.

Here are some of the options I’m looking into and why I like them:

Ginnifer Goodwin's short hair with long bangs

Ginnifer Goodwin’s short hair with long bangs

Ginnifer Goodwin is my new idol when it comes to short hair. I’ve seen her in so many short hairstyles that I’m practically having whiplash just trying to choose from one style to another. I love that the back of this hairstyle is short enough for it to pass as a pixie cut but the bangs/front is long enough to offset the chubby cheeks that I have.

Short pixie hairstyles with bangs

Short pixie hairstyles with bangs

The first time I saw this, I swooned. Ok fine, maybe not swooned, but I got dizzy thinking of the possibility that this may be my future hairdo. The thing is, I even love the platinum hair color. If I can only get away with it, I’ll color my hair in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I can’t (for so many reasons, foremost of which is that I’m not thrilled with the maintenance it’ll inevitably need) so I won’t.

Long pixie haircut with bangs

Long pixie haircut with bangs

Pixie cut with long front

Pixie cut with long front

These are two options that I’m very fond of. It looks like a grown-out pixie and I was thinking this might be good for me if I find that I’m not 100% decided on getting a pixie cut.

Pixie cut with long front

Pixie cut with long front

I think this looks like a shorter version of the previous photo and with my hair being on the wavy-ish side, this has great potential. If I only have the facial structure that she has, I’ll be over the moon myself.

Long bangs, short back

Long bangs, short back

If I indulge my adventurous side, I may just opt for this haircut instead. The haircut and the color all but shouts fun! Again, as much as I’d love to color my hair I just can’t be bothered with the maintenance so I’d rather not. Still, this haircut is really tugging at my heartstrings.

short wavy

Short wavy

short and wild

Short and wild

These last two (newly included in this post) are kinda more like the one I had way, way back. I have to say, knowing how lazy I am with fixing/styling my hair, I’m more inclined to have my hair cut this short… I just have to convince hubby. 🙂

So there, the options I plan to show my stylist. Here’s to hoping that I get the right hairstyle! 😀



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