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Travel Diary: [Hong Kong] Hop Inn on Hankow

We started preparing for our HK trip a year ahead of time. Yeah, I know I’m such a neurotic person but I like preparing as early as possible. Anyway, after we confirmed our travel dates and got ourselves our airline tickets, I started looking for our accommodations. I quickly learned that HK is not a cheap place to travel to. Hotel rates are pretty outrageous but thankfully there are a lot of inns we can stay in. I was initially looking at another place along Nathan Road but eventually settled with Hop Inn and I’m glad we did.

We reserved for the double room in their Hankow branch (the other one is at Carnarvon which was just a couple of blocks away) at HK$610.00 per night. Facilities in their inn can be found here. No breakfast included yet but then with all the food places nearby that wasn’t an issue with us. It was also pretty near the main road (about 2-4 mins walk depending on how leisurely you’ll be walking) so getting around was easy too. We got there at around 11AM and after confirming and paying for our stay, we were informed that our room will be ready by 1PM (an hour earlier than the usual check-in time) so we decided to walk around the area and familiarize ourselves with the landmarks first.

Now for the review part… I find their staff very accommodating and prompt in replying via email. Making our reservation was easy and confirming and paying (via cash) when we got there was fast too. The ladies at the front desk were always friendly and smiling. We were given the Bird Lover // Rebecca Yip which was facing Hankow. I was very pleased that we got a room with windows as this was one of my requests during the reservation process. The bath towels smelled clean and fresh and the blanket was thick enough to keep us warm. There were complimentary shampoo and liquid soap in the bathroom but since we brought our own we didn’t have to use those. It seems that they clean/check our rooms every day which initially surprised us (since we just left our things around) but wasn’t bothered by it afterwards. Lastly, the free drinking water was such a blessing cause bottled water in HK is expensive too (around HK$8 for 1 liter in 7-11).

Just a few things I found on the negative side though…. Given that the room was pretty small (really just enough for me and hubby plus our bags) there was a weird smell coming from the toilet that was sort of bothering us so we decided to leave the bathroom lights on (which turns the vent on too) and sprayed the room with our cologne every time we’re inside. I also found the pillows small but then I’m a pillow person so I’m thinking this is just a matter of preference (hubby wasn’t bothered by this cause he can sleep sans pillows). Lastly, the walls were not soundproof so there are times when I hear the occupants of the room beside ours whenever they use the bathroom. I remember being extra mindful of our bathroom use too since I knew they’ll be able to ear us too.

On a side note and just to set your expectations… As much as me and hubby were comfortable enough in our room, I just have to say that people who are generally on the taller/bulkier side might not find it as comfortable if 2 or more are staying in one single or double room (might be better if they get the triple one instead). And using the bathroom, which was such a squeeze even for us, will surely be a challenge for them. Also, the bathroom presents a privacy challenge. Ours didn’t have a door, half was covered by glass and there’s a shower curtain to cover the whole entrance. It didn’t bother us but others might find this uncomfortable.

In conclusion… we enjoyed our stay immensely. I felt comfortable during our stay and the place had that homey feel to it. The little nuisances were not enough to ruin our stay or our opinion of the place. In fact, we’ll most probably be staying here again on our next trip.



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