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Protected: House Construction Budget

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Travel Diary: [Hong Kong] Ocean Park

The first thing we did after leaving our things at Hop Inn was to head directly to Golden Crown Court and look for the Golden Crown guesthouse. The reason for this is that we decided to buy our attraction tickets from them. While scouting around for the best bargain for the Disneyland, Oceanpark, and The … Continue reading

Travel Diary: [Hong Kong] Hop Inn on Hankow

We started preparing for our HK trip a year ahead of time. Yeah, I know I’m such a neurotic person but I like preparing as early as possible. Anyway, after we confirmed our travel dates and got ourselves our airline tickets, I started looking for our accommodations. I quickly learned that HK is not a … Continue reading

My Non-Issues

I was reading this article from Thought Catalog about things that some  people consider as non-issues but others see it as a big deal and I realized that there are actually some items I totally agree with. In the spirit of that article, here are a few of my non-issues that some people seem to find … Continue reading

Brit+Co: Halloween Treats

Here are a couple of DIY Halloween treats for people (like me) who has an over-achieving sweet tooth… White Chocolate and Candy bark Dipped Cookies and Pretzels Find the recipes from Brit+Co.  

In Search of Happiness

I was browsing through Humans of New York and this one struck a cord in me… Oh my, that just about perfectly describes my current state. Don’t get me wrong, I love the life I’m living… it’s just that sometimes I get this emptiness inside that’s preventing me from being 100% happy. So I try … Continue reading

Fotolanthropy Fotostory: Evan’s Family – A Father’s Love

An inspiring story of a father who, upon learning that he only had a few months to live, didn’t want to leave without sharing something memorable with his girls… Tearjerker ahead… I swear I couldn’t get past the first few minutes without tearing up. It’s that bad for me. Read full story here: Fotolanthropy

History Tidbit: Vanessa L. Williams

A couple of days ago, Nina Davuluri (Miss New York), made history when she became the first Indian-American to be crowned as Miss America. Aaaaaand… cue in the Americans who are up in arms against her winning. From attacking her skin color/tone, to accusing her of not being an American (she is an American by the … Continue reading

History Tidbit: Jingle Bells

It’s September and, in my country (Philippines), we celebrate the Christmas season as soon as the –ber months starts to roll in. As such, I thought it would be nice to know a little bit more about the most popular Christmas carol. Did you know that… this song was written by James Lord Pierpont it … Continue reading

The Scarecrow

Came across an article in io9 featuring this video and I found it strangely touching up until those last few minutes where they showed the application/game it was for. Still, kudos for conveying such a strong message to the public.

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