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Benchingko/Films Presents: Star Teacher

Join Lucy Torres-Gomez in a travel documentary entitled Star Teacher that brings her back to her beloved hometown, Ormoc. While its tragic history casts a long shadow on the lives of its people, Lucy believes that educating the young about the environment with the help of a puppet show, Ormoc will soon reclaim its verdant past. … Continue reading

Benchingko/Films Presents: Perya

Perya is a haunting love story set in a world where the grotesque is the norm, the hideous deemed beautiful. Here, Philippines’ hottest heartthrob, Piolo Pascual, is a freak, a captive of a cruel circus. But when he finds love, he finds a glimmer of hope for escape. I sometimes think there is nothing that … Continue reading

Benchingko/Films Presents: Kontrabida 101

In Kontrabida 101, Philippine cinema’s quintessential kontrabida, Bella Flores, reveals the secret to being the queen of mean. In a wickedly witty step-by-step tutorial, Bella will keep you laughing to the very end. And you might just change the way you feel about cinema’s darling villains. Was it meant to be scary? I swear I … Continue reading

Benchingko/Films Presents: Horsepower

In Horsepower, Coco Martin plays the role of Rogelio, a jeepney driver obsessed with winning the race among his fellow drivers and gaining the prized horse trophy. What starts out as an action-packed film takes a surprising twist in the end when Rogelio reaches a poignant epiphany. I’m guessing this is drag racing, Philippine style!

Benchingko/Films Presents: Kama

Kama, a three-part musical directed by Borgy Torre, features three stories all played out on a bed: Kamanyakan, Kamachohan and Kamalasan. Kamachohan is set in a bedroom where two gay lovers, while sharing a bed, hesitate and fumble in their first sexual encounter. Kamalasan is about the travails of a married man who shares his … Continue reading

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