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365 Project: Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen… the box type version. Hehehe… Saw this inside Adidas Galleria and I just had to take a picture. It’s so cute I wanted to actually take it home. Too bad it’s not for sale, it’s just part of the store decor. Advertisements

365 Project: Blue Book… Literally

Finally bought a small notebook for my Spanish class. 🙂

365 Project: Meds

Round, little and toxic… still has to take them daily. *sigh*

365 Project: Morning Tea

Lately I’ve been drinking green tea just for the heck of it and I just discovered that brown sugar actually goes well with it. I’ve never been much of a tea drinker and when I do end up drinking a cup of tea it’s just hot water and the tea bag soaking in it. With … Continue reading

365 Project: Rain = Wet Umbrella and Feet

Rain always puts a damper on my mood only because it results to wet things and clothes. If I wasn’t going to and coming from work I’m sure I’ll be fine with it, but commuting in the rain is such a drag.

365 Project: Waiting and Waiting

While waiting to ride a shuttle service to our place. Sometimes, I get so bored and I always look at my feet wondering if some ant is trapped underneath. Do they ever wonder why it suddenly got all dark and gloomy? Yeah I know childish noh, but then it’s all in my mind only so … Continue reading

365 Project: Mcdo Food Facts

I didn’t know Mc Donald’s in our country have their own food facts sheet. Now we can actually count calories… if we wanted to. Quite ironic really since I won’t be eating much from there or from any other fastfood chain at that.

365 Project: Kitties

July 24, 2011 The two kitties currently under our care. Well, sort of under our care actually. They just show up during meal times. So typical of cats!  

365 Project: Chili-Kalamansi-Toyo

July 23, 2011 Our favorite condiment for siomai!

365 Project: As Prescribed by the Doctor

July 22, 2011 Not only do I have to diet at 1400 calories daily but I gotta take meds also. Doc prescribed Lipitor 20 and I have to take a 1/2 tablet daily for the next 3 months. I wish I’ll have better results by the end of this. @_@

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