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DIY Ideas for the Entourage

After my DIY experience with our wedding cord I started looking for other DIY ideas for our entourage. We won’t be having a supplier for our flowers (my mom will be the one to take care of them for us instead) so I decided I’ll be making the extras needed for our entourage. I searched … Continue reading

Inspirations: Burgundy and Ivory with a Touch of Mint Mood Boards

We wanted to include green in our color motif and, personally, I think it’ll be like a breath of fresh air that will prevent our motif from getting too somber. Finding the right shade of green was quite a challenge coz we didn’t want to look to Christmas-y. After hours and hours of looking for the … Continue reading

Inspirations: Female Entourage Dresses Mood Board

I know I’ve posted the dress designs I’d like to have for our entourage, now here’s the mood board for that. The three dresses colored burgundy are for the secondary sponsors. It’s going to be a solid burgundy with black accents (belts and straps). For the flower girl (top right) it’ll be a white dress … Continue reading

Inspirations: Bridal Gown Mood Board

Here it is folks… my first post about mood boards (or inspiration boards depending on how you want to see it) and it’s about my future bridal gown. 🙂 I’m forced to start organizing my bridal gown inspirations into a coherent mood board coz we’ll be visiting our first prospect couturier tomorrow and it’s going … Continue reading

Inspirations: Marriage Poetry

My sister will be doing the design for our invites and I’m thinking if we should include some marriage poetry there. I’ve been doing some research and here are some that I think are just (sickeningly) lovely or just plain funny. How Do I Love Thee? – Elizabeth Barrett Browning How do I love thee? … Continue reading

Inspirations: “Love Knot” Wedding Ring

H2B was tasked with looking for our wedding rings. The design he chose is called “The Love Knot”: According to one site I came across, love knots symbolize “the bonds of commitment to marriage and act as a symbol of the love between the couple“. Wow, so apparently, there’s an actual meaning to the design. … Continue reading

Inspirations: Wedding Hairstyles and Accessories

I already have an idea for my wedding gown, and yes it’s boho, flowy-flowy inspired. I’m just not posting it yet cause boyfie might see it (he sometimes read my blog) and he said he wants to be surprised with what I’ll be wearing on that day. Weird huh?! Anyway… I’ve been looking around for … Continue reading

Inspirations: A Burgundy and Ivory Wedding

I initially wanted a black and white wedding. Maybe it’s the minimalist in me, maybe I saw it somewhere and fell in love with the idea but that was what I had in mind. While searching for some black and white flower decors I stumbled upon a wedding having burgundy and ivory as their color … Continue reading

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