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Instagram… Photos of my Life

It’s been a month since I got into Instagram and I think it’s getting too addicting as of late. I even installed some photo editor applications such as PhotoShake! Pro and PicsArt – Photo Studio so that I’ll have more interesting photos to posts! Spell addict… M-E! Hahaha… So what do I actually post in my … Continue reading

Samsung Champ

Finally got my postpaid plan application approved… YEY!!! It comes bundled with a Samsung Champ (C3303) but since this is not the Samsung phone I’ve been salivating over, I decided to sell it instead. So the hunt for the new owner begins! Just a few comments from me… At first, the phone felt light and … Continue reading

I want this!

It’s been a while since I lost my phone (*sniff*) and although I’m still a bit apprehensive, I have to admit that I do need to buy a new one soon. My current phone is acting up already. The back panel (covering the battery) sometimes come off on its own, the casing is damaged and … Continue reading

iPod Touch 4th Gen for Me!!!

I’ve been doing some serious thinking and re-thinking and some more re-thinking on whether to buy an ebook reader (nook or kindle) and mp4 player (creative) or an ipod touch 4th gen. I’ve always been a reader that’s why I wanted a dedicated gadget for it but I also want something that would play movies … Continue reading

How about a Nano?

Been using my ever trusty cellphone to serve as my radio/mp3 player since forever. Now I’m thinking maybe it’s time I put things into perspective. Let the cellphone perform it’s main functions… which is that of a cellphone… and I go buy myself a real radio/mp3 player instead. This ipod nano sure looks sweet doesn’t … Continue reading

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